Entering the mobile space was but natural for us. We had similarly entered the web space from the animation domain. Mobile apps development opens up a complete new outlook for us wherein we could use ourskills in design and development to continue enriching user experience, albeit on new devices and new platforms. Do keep an eye on our GizmoStore for some funky apps that we would be creating on our own.

Phone & Tab Apps

Today, everybody has an idea for an app. Not many progress beyond the idea stage. So here we are. Whether you are an organization or an individual with a brilliant idea, where in you really value add because of your expertise in that business domain, we are ready to partner with you. Whether it's a serious business application or one where you fling your phone and the app tells you how far you've thrown it, get in touch with us.

Platforms: android, IOS, Windows & QNX (blackberry)

Augmented Reality

Take a mobile device and its camera and you could do some really cool stuff. AR takes product and brand experience to a completely different level. AR requires a lot of content development, and again our partner/ parent animation and graphics company Morph Digital Solutions works within the same space, which helps us, create content and execute the app with great ease.


There was a time when it would rain cats and dogs. Now its raining angry birds and fruit ninjas. So if your brand has the potential to create a game that will help in building recall and association, we will use our skills in animation (morph) and knowledge in Flash, Action Script 3.0 and game engines such as Citrus. If you have a kick ass game idea that isn't brand related, is also definitely welcome.

Mobile Websites

Everything is being viewed and experienced on smaller screens these days. Therefore, it has become mandatory for every website to have its own "Mini Me" versions. Crisper, easier to navigate, most important information, quick links and easy on the eye solutions to let any gizmo let your users access your information on the go.

We will shrink your website but not shrink the experience.

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